"Empowering Local Talent, Engineering the Future"

Akar Indah Engineering was established on 20 February 2014, as a response to the Malaysian government's call for increased Bumiputera participation in the business sector. Founded by a group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs, our journey has highlighted the tremendous potential of local talent within our country.

This realization has driven our core mission: to enhance Malaysian industries through the localization of technology.

Our vision is to elevate these local talents to global recognition on the international stage.

Ideal Malaysian Building Innovative Global

We believe the way people innovating readied technology will position their value in the profession.”

Our Objective

To emerge as a prominent company that delivers a diverse range of engineering, information technology, Industry 4.0 solutions, consultations, and training, aligning closely with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by actively reducing costs, enhancing productivity, and promoting sustainability in all aspects of our operations.