Our projects

AR Product Demo

AR product demo and simulation offer immersive, interactive experiences, enhancing customer engagement, comprehension, and confidence, leading to increased sales and brand loyalty.

Autonomous Robot Dustbin

An autonomous robot dustbin efficiently navigates, enhancing convenience and hygiene while reducing manual effort and environmental impact.

Autonomous Car System

The autonomous car system, developed by the ImBIG team in collaboration with Nano Malaysia, represents a groundbreaking achievement in self-driving technology, ushering in a new era of safe and efficient transportation.

Autonomous Electric Cart

Designed for efficiency, safety, and adaptability, our solution delivers seamless and reliable performance, reducing operational costs and increasing productivity in diverse industrial environments.

AGV for Industry: Unit Load Vehicle

Designed to optimize material handling and streamline logistics in industrial settings, our AGV offers precision, reliability, and efficiency, revolutionizing your operations for a smarter, more productive future.

AGV for Industry: Assembly Line Vehicle

Seamlessly integrated into your manufacturing processes, it enhances efficiency, precision, and throughput, ensuring a streamlined production flow for higher productivity and reduced costs."

AGV for Industry: Towing Type Vehicle

Engineered for efficiency and adaptability, this solution effortlessly tows heavy loads, optimizing logistics, reducing manual labor, and elevating overall productivity in your facility.

Greening the Future: A Composting Project Driving Sustainable Development Goals

Implementing a composting project aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals by promoting environmental sustainability, reducing waste, and fostering community engagement in eco-friendly practices.


"Discover Japan: Where Tradition Meets Innovation"

"AIE Japan Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Akar Indah Engineering, was founded in 2022 and is situated in the picturesque city of Nara, Japan. Our prime location allows us to not only excel in our engineering endeavors but also to explore and share the hidden gems of Nara, Osaka, and Kobe with our clients and visitors, making your experience with us not just about business but also about discovering the captivating culture and attractions of the Kansai region."

AIE Staff in Japan !
Malaysian Enabling Industry 4.0 for Society 5.0 Nara, Japan
Discover Sango Municipal Library, Nara
Training Centre at Nara, Japan
Halal shop at Nara
Nara Park - The Deer Park
How to Top Up ICOCA Card
The Famous Red Bean Mochi at Nara!
Kobe Visit: Merikan Park
Kobe Visit: Ikuta Shrine
Kyoto Visit: Arashiyama Bamboo Groove
Kyoto Visit: Fushimi Inari Shrine
Kyoto Visit: Higashiyama District
Arashiyama Monkey Park
Yasaka Shrine (Gion)